It’s the time of year when your team reviews this year’s compensation plans and starts packaging next year’s plan for approval. For a lot of you, this is going to mean a lot of late nights running calculations on last year’s plan, building what-if models, and lamenting the lack of flexibility in your tools.
When your sales operations team does annual compensation planning wouldn’t it help you build faster better plans if your team could
  • project out the current year, based on current data from your sales plans, ERP, and CRM,
  • do what-if analysis on models for next year,
  • pick the winner and send the package off to colleagues for review and approval,
  • all from inside a single platform?
In this video, we see how Obero SPM makes your life easier and makes it possible to create better plans faster by doing all this and more.
Annual Comp Plan Design Intro - ICM