Christmas Gift Guide from Obero

There’s a maxim that Sales Operation Leaders and business decision-makers would do well to remember: “First do the right things, then do the right things well.”

Smart companies make a practice of continually re-assessing and re-evaluating their business strategies. This habit is driven more by necessity than by the desire to optimize, due to the ever-changing nature of markets in the era of rapid technological evolution. Trends change faster than ever as customers develop new capabilities and adapt to new opportunities.

As Gary Cokins observed in his book Performance Management, “Yesterday quickly becomes ancient history, and it is not a very good predictor of tomorrow.”

When searching for ways to build better foundations and improve growth prospects—that is, to do the right things first and then to do the right things well—a good place to start is giving sales reps their due.

As primary agents for revenue-generation, sales reps experience a lot of top-down pressure from upper management.  And for good reason: “More than anyone else, your salespeople influence how the marketplace perceives your firm and values its products,” says Matthew Cook of ProfitGuide.

But all that pressure easily translates to stress, poor performance, frustration, and ultimately to difficulties in retaining and engagement top talent.

If your sales team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, the problem might be that they can’t see their targets as clearly as they need to, and they don’t understand the tools they have at their disposal to achieve their goals and earn more commissions.

With an integrated CRM and SPM platform that offers interactive graphs with real-time analytics and powerful forecasting, salespeople can easily see what they need to do in order to reach and exceed their targets, and Sales Operations Leaders can help them take the right steps to get there.

A great sales compensation plan converts pressure into productivity, for which reps are rewarded in the way they deserve. It’s like Christmas all year round.

To see how you can give your sales team a compensation plan that reflects how much you value them, try a free demo of Obero SPM.

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