Black Belt in Sales Performance Management

Everyone wants to be a ninja at what they do. “Sales Ninja” has a good ring to it. Here’s the problem with that: ninjas kill people. Their customer satisfaction score is very, very low.

If you’re going to be awesome at sales, especially at Sales Performance Management, it’s better to go for your black belt. The black belt is a sign of respect, not threat. It signifies experience gained from study and practice, and authority earned through skill and achievement.

When it comes to motivating salespeople, carrot beats stick every time. But Sales Performance Management is much more than offering big bonuses and collecting reports along the way. Salespeople are inspired by Sales Operations Leaders who truly know how to lead, and that means sharing your experience and authority in all aspects of Sales Performance Management.

What is Sales Performance Management? Broadly speaking, it’s everything you do, and everything you use, to inspire everyone on your team to sell your company’s product really, really well. More specifically, it’s a system of tools and strategies for assessing and implementing measures to improve the readiness, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization.

Effective Sales Performance Management is accomplished across a range of domains: Territory and Quota Management, Workforce Management, Incentive Compensation Management, and Profitability Management.

Clearly, there’s a lot to master. Just like earning your black belt, it can’t be done overnight. To excel at Sales Performance Management, Sales Operations Leaders need to take a methodical approach—progressing from belt to belt—until they’ve gained proficiency in each of the areas.

Here’s the good news: earning your black belt is just the beginning. In karate, there are still many more levels, or stripes, to be attained. In Sales Performance Management, expertise is a lifelong learning process. The journey awaits.

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