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As a Sales Leader, you expect certain things from your sales teams. You expect them to be energetic, to understand the buying cycle and pain points of your company’s customers, and to stay on top of the leads and opportunities in their territories.

And that’s not all, of course. You expect your sales teams to maintain strong margins, to align their efforts with the company’s business strategy, and to track their activities in a CRM program. The list goes on. You have a lot of expectations.

But as every kid that’s ever bugged their parents in a checkout aisle knows, wanting something isn’t the same as getting it. You can’t beg for success. Winning is a habit, not a hope. And habits are formed through organizational culture.

The term “culture” has been overused, and therefore seems flighty and abstract, but in fact, it’s very concrete. The company culture is expressed by actions, not feelings. Very simply, it’s the way you work: the processes, habits, and practices that people rely on. It’s when an experienced employee says to a new team member, “This is how we do it here.”

If the culture in your sales organization is to over-commit and under-deliver, then your salespeople are going to take it for granted that their attainment levels will be low. On the other hand, if the culture is to execute on well-structured processes, then your salespeople are going to expect the same outcomes that you do.

The ground from which a sales culture grows is clear communication. But don’t worry: good communication doesn’t mean that you need to waste your time in endless meetings. Rather, it means sharing the same information with every stakeholder. Communication is a lot easier and more effective when everybody involved sees the same things.

For that, you need a comprehensive and straightforward platform that integrates with your other tools and offers clear lines-of-sight on all your sales processes. To see how you can improve communication and build a winning culture in your sales organization, try Obero SPM.

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