Obero SPM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) provides organizations with a flexible and easy-to-use solution to design, manage and optimize their incentive compensation programs.

Key benefits of implementing Obero SPM Incentive Compensation Management include:

ICM Administration

  • Design commission, bonus and MBO plans based on financial metrics, such as annual contract value (ACV) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and non-financial metrics, such as the quick ratio and the lead velocity rate (LVR).
  • Incorporate territory, payee and period specific quotas and targets into plans.
  • Implement advanced crediting rules, including revenue recognition and territory-based crediting, into plans.
  • Apply complex earning, payment, hold, release, clawback and recovery rules to plans.
  • Dynamically generate and distribute plan documents based on configured plan components.
  • Manage inquiries and disputes in a collaborative and audited fashion.
  • Govern plan administration with integrated workflow and process management.
Incentive Compensation Management
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ICM Calculations

Obero SPM - incentive Compensation Calculations dashboard - laptop
  • Automate, or execute on demand, calculations for individual plans or all plans.
  • Base plan calculations on any data element, including leads, opportunities, orders, bookings, invoices, collections or recognized revenue.
  • Include any number of currencies and foreign exchange types into plan calculations.
  • Ensure all changes to plan components and hierarchies are time effective.
  • Manage open and closed periods to automatically handle prior period adjustments.
  • Override system-calculated values with management adjustments.
  • Conduct what-if calculations based on forecast and pipeline data.

ICM Reporting

  • Leverage a library of pre-built sales and incentive compensation-related forms, reports and dashboards, including compensation statements, qualified and unqualified transaction details and stack ranking reports.
  • Create new forms, reports and dashboards in a drag-and-drop manner in Excel.
  • Include transaction, calculated and summary level data into forms, reports and dashboards.
  • Manage access to forms and reports, and the underlying data, based on integrated security management.
  • Access forms, reports and dashboards over the web, via any browser, tablet or mobile device.
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF or print reports directly from the web.
  • Package groups of reports and distribute them via email automatically.
Incentive Compensation Management Reporting