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The human brain is the most powerful computer on earth. It can navigate complex problems with far greater subtlety and sensitivity than any form of artificial intelligence yet in existence. Sure, computers can beat us at chess, but they can’t carry an interesting conversation, let alone process and interpret the real world as well as people can.

Maybe someday a networked super-intelligence will acquire our capacity for creativity, extrapolation, and intuition, but for now, the smartest machine in your sales organization—and by far your greatest asset and most valuable resource—is your team.

Selling is a relational activity. It’s best done person-to-person, because there’s more to a deal than the pain points or the product information. Sales reps must develop a deep understanding of what their customers are dealing with. They need to build many intangibles into the business offering: a smart customer wants to see passion for the product before they buy, for example, and more importantly, they need to develop trust with the salesperson.

Your Sales Performance Management software can’t perform these feats for you. Only your sales reps can engage with potential customers in the meaningful ways that lead to sell-through.

But as fantastic as your salespeople may be, they also have limits. They’re talented at communication, not memorizing vast quantities of information, synchronizing multiple data sets, and performing advanced calculations in their heads. Some things are better left to software.

The greatest strain in any sales organization comes from people pretending to be computers, such as by manually processing sales data in outdated spreadsheets, or calculating their incentives by hand.

Use the right technology for the right job: let your salespeople do what they do best, and let the software do what it does best.

When your salespeople engage robustly with the sales management platform to create the best possible data, the result will be more accurate forecasts, more realistic territory alignments, more appropriate sales quotas, and ultimately, more wins.


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