Product Demo

If you are a sales operations or finance professional supporting a subscription-based business, this demo will help you understand how Obero SPM can:

  • Seamlessly integrate all of your subscription-based sales performance management processes to uncover actionable insights;
  • Easily manage all of your incentive compensation plans spanning all of your functional teams to ensure they align with corporate goals;
  • Ensure you are compliant with the upcoming ASC 606 / IFRS 15 revenue recognition accounting standard changes from both a revenue and expense management perspective;
  • Optimize your sales strategies through interactive and simulated what-if scenario modeling.

Obero SPM is the only sales performance management solution that can help subscription-based businesses plan, execute and optimize their sales performance management strategies by supporting sales and revenue management, territory and quota management, workforce management, incentive compensation management and profitability management.

Product Demo - Feb 2017
Obero SPM - Sales Performance Management in different devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone

See how you can create, manage and distribute compensation plans, calculations, and reports all on one platform.

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