Obero SPM helps forward looking organizations streamline their Sales Planning, Execution and Optimization processes by providing the required tools to effectively manage their recurring revenue business models. Its comprehensive functionality, which includes Sales and Revenue Management, Territory and Quota Management, Workforce Management, Incentive Compensation Management and Profitability Management, provides organizations with a solution that supports the end to end sales performance life cycle; automating processes for the Offices of Sales, HR and Finance.

How It Works

Obero SPM acts as the bridge between all of your mission-critical business applications to seamlessly integrate all of your sales performance management processes.

Source systems, such as Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management and Corporate Performance Management. Obero SPM. Customer Database. Form Authoring to Office 365 and Microsoft Excel. User Interaces such as smartphones, tablets, laptops/ desktops.

Why Obero SPM

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing sales environment, you need a sales performance management solution which is truly owned by business, is easy and intuitive to use and is extremely flexible.

Obero SPM is the only sales performance management solution that can help build, analyze, and optimize sales performance strategies for recurring revenue business models right out of the box.

Obero SPM is designed to support the needs of modern organizations. Whether you are managing your sales organization based on the new metrics such as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), LTV (Life Time Value), Churn, or looking to optimize Incentive Compensation and better manage Sales Capacity and Cost Amortization, Obero SPM provides integrated, simple to use solution that empower you to drive sales performance.

100% of Your Incentive Compensation Requirements

Calculations on any data element, including leads, opportunities, orders, bookings, invoices and collections, time-based hierarchies and rules, prior year adjustments, spiffs, “What-if” scenario modeling, etc.

Integration Made Simple

Pull any relevant data into Obero SPM with our user-friendly data loading tools. Plug and Play integration with various ERP, CRM, HCM, CPM solutions.

Short-Term ROI, Long-Term Benefits

Whether Obero SPM is deployed as a point solution for your incentive compensation management needs or an enterprise platform to manage your end to end sales performance management lifecycle, the benefits are realized fast and scale with the organization.

Less Implementing, More Using

Through Obero SPM’s pre-built functional apps, rapid deployment kits and wizard-based configuration tools, your sales performance management application can be live in a matter of weeks.

Flexible to Change with your Business

Owned by business, easy to configure plans, rules, dashboards. Whether you are applying Recurring Revenue metrics to your compensation plans, looking to optimize Sales Capacity or allocate Sales Cost based on Revenue Recognition patterns, Obero SPM is ahead of the curve to support your priorities.

360 of Sales Performance Management

Start with your burning priority and grow the solution at your pace with no hidden costs or integration complexities. From Commissions Calculation to Sales Revenue Planning, from Territory and Quota Allocation to Onboarding and Compensation Planning, from Sales Capacity Planning to Sales Cost Allocation, Profitability Analytics and Reporting.