Sales Management and Compensation Planning; Incentive Compensation Planning; Profitability Analytics; Predictive Analytics; Revenue and Cost Planning and Forecasting; Territory and Quota Management

Connecting roles

Obero SPM is designed to be owned and managed by business.  While addressing the needs of different teams, Obero SPM serves as a bridge connecting the Office of Sales with the rest of the enterprise. Financial data, combined with Employee/Compensation data from HR, and Sales managed Opportunity and Revenue forecast data, managed and analyzed together become a powerful tool in driving Sales Performance. Obero SPM helps you to achieve way more than simple automation of the Incentive Compensation Management. Get in the driver’s seat with our solution, and drive true performance of your sales organization by optimizing plans, increasing motivation, and managing profitability with a forward-looking approach to it!


Obero SPM is designed to enable your sales teams to drive better results. With flexible and actionable reporting, sales data available where you need it, gamification driving motivation of your team, commission plans that truly work, Obero SPM allows you to focus the effort of your team on selling. Eliminate frustration, lost productivity due to shadow accounting, and solve disputes without increasing your administration costs. Let Obero SPM support you in maintaining sales excellence!

Obero SPM for Sales Leaders Whitepaper

Sales Operations

Obero SPM for Sales Operations Leaders Whitepaper

Managing Incentive Compensation in Excel or a legacy tool, running manual reports and doing analysis with no reliable data can be a tedious and unrewarding task. Obero SPM is here to help you to automate the manual processes and focus on value add activities that truly elevate your role by driving performance of sales teams, increasing sales, optimizing commission plans, and increasing the profitability of your organization.


The role of Finance is constantly growing in today’s enterprise, where the Office of Finance becomes a true partner of Office of Sales in planning and forecasting, performance management, and sales/profitability analytics. As a Financial expert, you would benefit from both automation and integration functionality that brings Sales Planning, Incentive Compensation Management, and Analytics together in a single, truly connected solution.

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HR and Compensation

Obero SPM for Sales Compensation Leaders - How Can a Next-Generation Sales Performance Management Solution improve my compensation process

Workforce Planning, Compensation Planning, and Incentive Compensation Management are all critical processes in driving motivation, retaining and enabling talent. Obero SPM helps you in optimizing these processes and driving the collaboration across the enterprise. Eliminate manual process, excite and engage your internal clients, and improve both compliance and communication by leveraging Obero SPM!

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