Obero SPM Territory and Quota Management (TQM) provides organizations with a dynamic and intuitive solution to model, administer and analyze their account and territory assignments and quota plans.

Key benefits of implementing Obero SPM Territory & Quota Management include:

TQM Administration

  • Define territories based on any number of business hierarchies or logical rules.
  • Logically group territory definitions based on position, role or account type, such as new or existing accounts.
  • Assign people or groups of people to territory definitions and incorporate assignment types, such as primary and overlay.
  • Derive quotas based on top-down methodologies for new account hunters or bottom-up methodologies for existing account farmers.
  • Manage flexible quota proration, ramp and acceleration/deceleration rules.
  • Dynamically generate and distribute territory assignment and quota detail documents based on configured components.
  • Govern model administration with integrated workflow and process management.
Territory and Quota Management Dashboard on Obero SPM

TQM Calculations

Territory and Quota Management Calculations on Obero SPM
  • Automate, or execute on demand, calculations for individual models or all models.
  • Base territory capacity calculations on any number of drivers, such as white space and market penetration rates and renewal and expansion rates.
  • Determine CRM account, lead and opportunity assignments based on territories.
  • Allocate and dynamically adjust quotas based on any data scenario, such as historical actuals, current forecast and future plan.
  • Override system-calculated quotas with management adjustments.
  • Ensure all changes to territory and quota configurations and assignments are time effective.
  • Conduct what-if calculations based on any number of territory or quota configurations.
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TQM Reporting

  • Leverage a library of pre-built territory and quota-related forms, reports and dashboards, including territory coverage, comparison and distribution reports and quota attainment reports.
  • Create new forms, reports and dashboards in a drag-and-drop manner in Excel.
  • Include detailed or summary level territory definition and assignments and quota data into forms, reports and dashboards.
  • Manage access to forms and reports, and the underlying data, based on integrated security management.
  • Access forms, reports and dashboards over the web, via any browser, tablet or mobile device.
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF or print reports directly from the web.
  • Package groups of reports and distribute them via email automatically.
Territory and Quota Management - Obero SPM - different devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone