What makes your buyers tick?

Clichés are annoying. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to use a cliché. But no matter how much we complain about them, it doesn’t seem to matter: we still use them. If clichés are so bad and everyone knows it, why are they so common?

Clichés are common because they make sense, and they work. We use a lot of clichés when we talk about sales, because you don’t need to reinvent the wheel (there’s one!) in order to succeed at selling. Often, implementing best practices (that’s one too) is the best way to go.

Still, it sometimes pays to think about what a cliché really means. Recently, I was listening to a Sales Operation Leader talk about the importance of understanding the buyer. “You have to know what makes them tick,” he said.

I asked myself, What does that phrase really mean? It refers to the working of a mechanical watch, of course. So I watched a few videos about how watches work. Do you want to know how to keep time with only a spring, some wheels, a few jewels and crystals, a bit of casing, an escapement, a shock absorber, and, um, a bunch of other stuff? Well, you better Google it yourself, because there’s no way I can explain it.

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I can tell you this, though: what makes a watch tick is complicated! And guess what? What makes a buyer tick is also very complex.

When we ask “what makes someone tick,” we tend to think we’re going to get a simple answer. But when it comes to understanding your prospects, there are no simple answers. Your potential customers face multiple pressures, from both inside their companies and outside in the market where they operate. The buying process they follow will be influenced by a multitude of factors.

To convert leads into prospects and prospects into customers, you need to do a lot of research into buying behavior. You can learn a lot about your market from secondary sources, but the best way to learn is from your proprietary research. You need to dive into the data you’ve acquired from your own software enablement tools.

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