Many organizations today are faced with various business challenges. From increasing sales to enhancing productivity, these challenges inadvertently affect an organization’s overall performance and bottom line. In order for organizations to stay competitive, it is important for them to plan ahead and understand what changes, if necessary, need to occur in order to remain profitable.

Forecasting is necessary in order to estimate upon which to build an accurate plan. Salespeople for instance, use forecasts to make sales plans, create sales quotas, and make better estimates of future sales; however, a forecast is only as good as the accuracy and completeness of the data used to create it. Without doing so, sales organizations may either over or understate their true performance, which inevitably effects future planning.

Before setting your budget it is important to express your forecast in various “What-If” scenarios that describe the worst, best and likely cases, and assign a budget to each of these scenarios accordingly.

During the course of any sales year, forecast and budget variations are to be expected. For this reason, it is important to develop contingency plans to manage through unforeseen circumstances in any given year.

Without having the appropriate software in place to extract the necessary data need for effective forecast building, it is this information, it becomes very difficult to plan and forecast effectively.

Introducing Obero SPM:
Obero SPM combines data from your source systems to help you create and manage a sales planning and forecasting process that is actionable, dynamic and interactive! Obero SPM can be used to manage Sales Plans, Variable Compensation Plans, Quota and Territory Plans, as well as optimize your Sales Force performance by applying Profitability Analysis and enabling organizations to create “What-If” scenarios for predictive analysis in order to make better business decisions.

Obero SPM is tailored to fit the needs of sales organizations’ planning and forecasting processes. It integrates with your source systems to gather the data that is necessary for this process, saving you time, effort and improving efficiency. Obero SPM supports top down/bottom sales planning at any level of granularity including by product, by region, by agent, and by customer. With pre-built, readily available reports and dashboards, Sales Organizations are fully equipped to perform a thorough analysis of their data.

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