Territory and Quota Management

Wasting time at work is hard.

Of course, it’s easy to fritter away the hours, even when trying to be productive. All too often, we get bogged down in tasks that are inefficient or unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean those lost hours are effortlessly or enjoyably spent. On the contrary, wasted work-time is often spent performing duties and functions that are difficult. Some of the most frustrating and complex things we do are also the least productive.

Hard Work Means More Mistakes - TQM-01The reason is simple: people often find themselves competing against technology, rather than working WITH it.

We waste time when we manually replicate jobs that could be quickly and reliably executed by well-designed software. Our brains are much more powerful than computers, but not at sorting and arranging large quantities of data.

This is certainly true for Sales Operations Leaders, who are responsible for ensuring the efficient functioning of complex, multi-tier sales structures. One of the best ways to express organizational effectiveness is through responsive Territory Management.

Territory Management is a key tool that Sales Operations Leaders use to optimize sales coverage, foster collaboration between sales representatives, match salespeople to customers, and eliminate unwanted costs and avoidable errors.

The goal of Territory Management is to help sales representatives make the best use of their time. Unfortunately, the Territory Alignment process—whereby Sales Operations Leaders design and allocate sales regions using available data to maximize profit—can be a time-waster for those who implement it, especially if they’re relying primarily on Excel.

Sales Operations Leaders determine sales territories along multiple dimensions: geography, product, industry, channel, etc. While spreadsheets are technically capable of coordinating these properties, making sense of them is another matter. Interpreting those rows and columns turns Territory Alignment into a slow, labour-intensive process, rather than a quick and dynamic one.

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