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In previous eras, when states or countries wanted to build a fortification, they always chose a high hill with clear lines of sight on every side. Strong visibility served two important functions: it allowed them see what was coming from far away, and it enabled them to communicate that information back to central positions, where leaders could direct resources to respond appropriately.

In most companies, the Sales Operations Leader performs a similar function, by looking at everything beyond the organization’s borders. They study the market, assess competitors, follow trends, and qualify leads.

In other words, they see what’s on the horizon, and they make this information intelligible to other decision-makers within the organization, in the form of data-driven insights and forecasts.

The Sales Operations Leader acts as a vital link between the sales department and marketing, HR, finance, and executive decision-makers. Working collaboratively across departments, they help ensure that the company’s resources are best used to serve business strategies and objectives.

As those resources are allocated, the Sales Operations Leader deploys them to sales teams by designing territories that are efficient and productive, and by deciding which key performance metrics will determine quotas.

And perhaps most importantly, the Sales Operations Leader brings together all these elements into an incentive plan that unites business strategies with market insights to create a powerful driver of sales success.

Clearly, Sales Operations Leaders have a lot on their plate, and the importance of their role in any organization can hardly be overestimated. But they can’t do their job if they are buried under a mountain of admin work.

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There’s a reason forts were built on hills and not in valleys: they don’t work if the people inside them can’t see anything. It’s the same with Sales Operations Leaders—visibility is everything.

Unfortunately, this key role is often stymied by laborious manual reporting, avoidable dispute resolution, lengthy IT delays, cumbersome and over-complicated spreadsheet maintenance, and internal communication delays.

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