Obero SPM's sponsorship at World at Work 2016 Spotlight on Sales Compensation. August 22-25 at Chicago, Illinois

When: August 22-24th, 2016

Where: Chicago, IL

Obero is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the 2016 World at Work – Spotlight on Sales Compensation Conference in Chicago. Visit us at our table to see Obero SPM in action.

The Spotlight on Sales Compensation Conference is the leading event series devoted to bringing together professionals who design and manage sales compensation programs.

World at Work 2016 Official Speaker

Tuesday August 23rd 1:00 – 1:45pm

Sales Compensation Strategies for the New Economy:
How Recurring Revenue Models Increase Complexity of Managing Sales Performance

Sponsored by: Obero
What happens when a recurring revenue business tries to implement a traditional sales compensation strategy? High expectations often met with high disappointment. These companies are diving head first into the subscription economy without the proper strategies and tools to manage their overall sales performance. In a recurring revenue model, it is impossible to become profitable without a properly structured and incentivized sales team. In this session, we will reveal SPM strategies and tools that can manage all aspects of performance including acquisition, retention, upsell and profitability. Discover how to adopt a strategy that can properly manage the complexity of the new economy.

Philip Kaszuba
Philip Kaszuba
Vice President of Sales
Obero SPM
Christopher Li
Chief Product Officer
Obero SPM

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